Star #1, Taurus  - the boat that started it all!

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On a cold and clear September day in 1922, six Star boats towed out into Long Island Sound to compete for the first Star World Championship. “Crews were bundled in as many sweaters as they could find, for you could see your breath,” the regatta report remembers, adding that a heavy sea and “good stiff blow” made some sailors hesitate to shake out their reefs. William L. Inslee and Harry Reeve won that race on Taurus, the very first Star boat; after winning two more, they became the first-ever Star World champions.

Today, the Star boat is the oldest international one design that still hosts a world championship. 100 Years of Gold Stars chronicles what has changed—and what remains the same—about competing for the coveted Gold Star each year. By spicing up a well-curated Class history with fresh firsthand accounts that span eight decades, your Star ancestors have been brought back to life through both readable text and action-packed photos—many of which have not been widely viewed before. The result is a unique history told by the sailors who’ve dedicated themselves to this challenging keelboat. 

21st century Star sailors may no longer bundle into sweaters or ponder whether to shake out a reef, and 1922’s nine Star fleets have since grown to 122 around the world. But the most important aspects of this annual World Championship—heart-thumping competition, international camaraderie, shoreside celebrations—remain the same, a century after Taurus won her very first championship. Those constants are celebrated throughout this book; here’s to another 100 Years of Gold Stars!